Congratulations to the newly elected Sacramento Community Land Trust incorporating board!

Just over a year in the making, the Sacramento Community Land Trust took a big step forward last night, electing eight incorporating board members. This includes four members who identify as from historically discriminated backgrounds, an important aspect of the bylaws.

Congratulations to the new board!

Historically Discriminated Members:

  • Terry Collins II
  • Kellie Todd Griffin
  • Russell Rawlings
  • Katherine Valenzuela

General Members:

  • Jarrod Fischer
  • Michael Gill
  • Dillon Miner
  • Rose Cabral
Sacramento CLT Board
Back Row: Terry Collins II, Michael Gill, Kellie Todd Griffin, Jarrod Fischer, Dillon Miner         Front Row: Rose Cabral, Katherine Valenzuela (Not pictured: Russell Rawlings)

Thanks to everyone who applied to be on the board and everyone who participated in the voting process. We can’t wait to see how this board builds a strong foundation for the Sacramento Community Land Trust!

Sacramento Community Land Trust Incorporating Board Draft Bylaws

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